About Us

TokenBeat.com aims to provide in-depth reporting and analysis on cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts and tokens with two primary goals:

  1. Raise the standard of education on blockchain technology, regulation and socio-economics among the average user.
  2. Contribute positively to these communities through education and reporting that is as unbiased (and unclickbaity) as possible.

Who Founded TokenBeat:
TokenBeat is founded by Adam Cochran.

Adam has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2012, he previously served as a community moderator for the Dogecoin Community and as the Director of Marketing for the now defunct Canadian Bitcoin exchange ‘Vault of Satoshi.’

Adam is also an adjunct professor of information sciences and an angel investor in a number of startups including those in the blockchain space. Coming from a highly analytical background, Adam was tired of news being overly sensationalized  in the crypto space and lacking any real discussion. He started TokenBeat with the hopes of raising the standard of education in the blockchain space and creating deeper community discussions surrounding the technology and its impacts.

How can you support TokenBeat?

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